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Celosia Centerpiece for the Holidays

celosia holiday centerpiece decorI always look to the farm for inspiration when planning out my holiday décor. We’ve been lucky enough to have a mild autumn, and I get to reap the rewards! The Dragon’s Breath Celosia have hung around, and their bold red plumes look gorgeous in my table arrangements for the Christmas season. Read more

DIy wrapping paper with spud stamps

DIY Wrapping Paper with Spud Stamps

With this adorable gift wrap that you can make yourself, your family won’t even care what’s inside the box! With some potatoes, craft paper (or up-cycled paper shopping bags), and a little paint, you can make your own custom wrapping paper that’s sure to be the talk of the holiday party.

Making your own stamps from potatoes is a fun activity for the whole family. You can get as creative as you’d like–the design possibilities are endless. Read more

crescent container

Which Crescent Garden Container is the One for You?

Find Your Results Below:

10% or less

You have an appreciation for art and like to think outside the box. You don’t shy away from color. is the perfect container for you with its attention-grabbing design and cool color choices.

11 - 20%

You’re a nature lover with an appreciation for the simple things in life. You like to grow your own food, so the is a perfect addition to your garden! It’s great for growing greens and other veggies, even if you have limited space.

21 - 35%

Your style leans more traditional. You’re not too concerned with trends and love timeless, classic décor elements. The will look great as part of your landscape or on your front porch.

35% and above

You love sleek, modern design—clean lines and a neutral color palette. The will fit in perfectly with your aesthetic!

DIY Decorated Terra Cotta Pots

When it comes to container plantings, I like to get creative with the plants and play with colors and textures. I’m a huge fan of terra cotta pots and have them all over the farm and house. But, I love the idea of re-imagining them into something fun and whimsical. Here are the step-by-step instructions to recreate these looks. Read more


7 Plants for Your Low-Light Office

7 plants for your low-light office
Peace Lily

Studies show that those of us with plants in our offices are more productive and have lower levels of stress. We all know that having certain plants indoors helps remove air pollutants. How can we not get on board with greening our office spaces, especially with some low-maintenance plants?

Now, we’re not all lucky enough to have windows or natural light in our offices, so here’s a list of plants that will thrive in your low-light office. Read more